A Boat Tour of Rathlin Island with Aquaholics

Rathlin Islands Post 12

After the very long tour experience we had on day two of our stay in Northern Ireland, we were looking forward to a slightly more relaxed third and final full day of our short break.

We had originally arranged a trip to Rathlin Island but, due to the sad news that one of their 150 residents had passed away, we respectfully left them to their privacy. Instead, we had a boat trip organised for us with a company called Aquaholics who were based in Ballycastle where the ferry that took you to the Island was located. This meant that we still had a visit to Rathlin Island but we were able to see it from the sea rather than on land.

Rathlin Islands Post 1

In the morning, after the disappointment of not being able to use the swimming pool, we spent some time walking in the Roe Valley Country Park. It is a beautiful place – and extremely peaceful.

Rathlin Islands Post 2

We then took a bit of a diversion to Ballycastle in our hire car via the road that took us to the top of Binevenagh mountain. I have to say that the views are absolutely stunning and, had we had more time in Northern Ireland, then we certainly would have come back here and brought a picnic.

Rathlin Islands Post 4

We also came across one of the many sculptures on the Limavady Sculpture trail. This was Manannán Mac Lir, the sculpture of a Celtic sea god.

Rathlin Islands Post 3

Upon arrival, we were lucky to secure a parking spot straight away and went off to find Richard, our skipper for the afternoon. Thankfully we located some toilets prior to embarking – as there weren’t any on board.

Rathlin Islands Post 25As we set off, Ross was on video camera duty, I, of course, had my DSLR and Grace was instructed to be very careful with my iPhone!

Rathlin Islands Post 26

Rathlin Islands Post 6

These are just some of the sights we took in.

Rathlin Islands Post 7

Rathlin Islands Post 8

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Rathlin Islands Post 10

Rathlin Islands Post 11

Rathlin Islands Post 13

Rathlin Islands Post 14

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Rathlin Islands Post 24

I have to say that, prior to our trip, we were all a little concerned that we would be feeling seasick but I am pleased to say that not only was the Atlantic like a millpond that day – and so very, very blue – but the Aquaholics boat has to be one of the most stable vessels I have travelled on. Richard was so helpful, pointing out guilemots, cormorants, puffins and kittiwakes as well as the odd seal lounging on the rocks. The sea was so clear that we were also able to see many of the birds diving.

Seeing Rathlin Island from the sea rather than land was quite an experience, one we are pleased that we were able to do. The weather was on our side and the only thing that I would have wished for was a telephoto lens to get closer to the abundance of wildlife on offer!

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Disclosure: We were provided with this tour by Richard at Aquaholics in conjunction with Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council. Please note that all words, images and opinions have been formed by the owner of this blog and have not been influenced in any way. Please do not reproduce any of the content or images on this post without prior agreement from Victoria Visits.




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